My Fallen Saint - J. Kenner

My Fallen Saint

By J. Kenner

  • Release Date: 2020-09-15
  • Genre: Suspense
Score: 4.5
From 38 Ratings


His touch is her sin.

Her love is his salvation.

Charismatic. Confident. Powerful. Controlling.

A brilliant investor with a Midas touch, Devlin Saint turned a modest inherited fortune into billions, and now operates one of the world’s foremost international philanthropic organizations. He’s a man determined to help the underprivileged, to fight injustice, and to make the world a better place. And that, at least is true.

It’s not, however, the full truth.

Because Devlin Saint is a man with a dangerous secret. One he’ll do whatever it takes to protect. And when investigative reporter Ellie Holmes turns her attention to an unsolved murder, she finds herself caught in a web of intrigue and passion as Devlin draws her closer and closer. But as the intensity and sensuality of their relationship grows, so do Ellie’s suspicions. Until she is no longer certain if the heat between her and Devlin is real, or only a facade he constructed to hide his dark and twisted secrets.

Don’t miss this provocative first book in a brand-new trilogy…


  • My Fallen Saint

    By Mom's Guilty Pleasure
    “I wanted to burn. I wanted to get lost in the flames with him until we were both reduced to ashes.” I’m always excited to get my hands on a new J Kenner book. It goes without saying...this book DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Different style than the infamous Damien/Nikki duo...but just as sexy and intriguing! “I’d loved him. I’d trusted him. And he’d walked away. Everyone else in my life had been stolen from me. But Alex? He’d left of his own accord. And that made him the worst devil of all.” This book really has a lot of depth with some steaminess woven in. It has family ties, friendship, betrayal, protection, dark underworld that NEEDS to be brought to light and so much more! “I want to stick my head in the sand, I already know that I’m going to be gutted when this ends.” I can’t wait to see where this story takes us in the next book My Beautiful Sin.
  • My Kindle Melted Over Saint!!!!

    By Crystal's Book World
    Watch out Mr. Stark....we have a new bad boy in town and his name is Saint Devlin!!!! He stole my heart!!! I mean there were secrets that were uncovered and I was falling more and more in deep with Saint. Now how do we get Damian and Saint in the same room? About the book.....I absolfreakinlutely loved it! I was thrown into Saint's and Ellie's book world. I felt all the feels, my head spun with all the twists and turns. I knew who Saint was and piecing all the details as the story progressed. My heart broke and healed. Ellie is our amazing heroine with a heart break that only one person can heal. But does he want the job? My Fallen Saint has you enamored from page one! I could not put my e-reader down!!!!
  • Devlin and Ellie an outstanding pair!

    By Waiting to be fixed
    This is the first book in the new Fallen Saint series and I never thought I would say this but move over Damien Stark there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Devlin Saint, insert swoon here, and prepare to fall hard for him. Standing tall in her own right is Ellie, the strong female protagonist, ex-cop turned investigative journalist. After a decade of being away from her hometown with the memories she would like to forget, Ellie returns in the hope of discovering the truth about her uncle’s death while working on a new profile for her magazine. From the beginning of her arrival, she has met with some interesting circumstances and someone from her past who holds secrets. Devlin Saint is a pure alpha who commands respect and controls everything around him while coveting his privacy. Will Ellie be able to get past those walls and get Devlin to open up? Ms. Kenner has done an outstanding job with this new series, sucking readers in and sending them on a riveting journey as Ellie and Devlin work through their respective issues. The chemistry between the two is simmering and I cannot wait to see what happens when it boils over as they are tasked with working together to unravel the truth. This is one page turning, highly intriguing read that will have you wanting to fall down the rabbit hole and staying there until the end. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read book two. I volunteered to read a copy of this book and purchased it as well.
  • Meet Your Newest Book Crush: Devlin Saint

    By girlygirlmegs
    Devlin Saint is no saint. He’s a man who knows the darker side of life and does everything in his power to protect the one person who can be used against him: Ellie Holmes. Ellie is a fiesty and fiery cop-turned-journalist and she loves a bit of danger where she can get it. This couple have a tangled web of mystery, deceit, heartbreak, and so much steamy passion they sizzle off the page. I can’t wait to read where they’re story goes to next with the small cliffhanger at the end that’s enough to leave you wanting more! 5/5 stars
  • On the edge of your seat

    By Tammyemd
    Devlin Saint is a billionaire and has a lot for secrets which may or may not involve a murder. Ellie Holmes is an investigative reporter who finds herself trying to find out if Devlin’s secrets have anything to do with this murder. But as they are getting closer she is trying to decide if he is good or bad. This is a great book and J. Kenner has you sitting on the edge of your seat.
  • A Wild Ride of a Story

    By jennwolf13
    Devlin and Ellie are both strong, fierce and damaged characters. Damaged, but still with hope in their souls. One with so many secrets, the other a determined truth seeker to the core. Both wanting justice for the wronged. Their chemistry together is so combustible it nearly lights the pages of the book on fire. The story is solid and keeps you turning pages deep into the night. The twists keep you guessing. This books ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, but I’m sure waiting for the rest of the story will be worth it. I received an eARC copy of this book for an honest review.
  • Excellent

    By Ddgoldbergs
    Fantastic new series! So much passion, hurt and secrets. Can the truth bring Ellie closure? Will it put her ghosts to bed? My Fallen Saint had it all. My heart pounded as the storyline progressed and my curiosity was pushed even further with the last sentence. J Kenner is a master at writing great books that hold my attention and keeps me wanting more! A must read.
  • My New Book Boyfriend!

    By Astroyic
    Oh how I loved these flawed characters and their intense, deep connection. A multi-layered story with intrigue, lies, danger, secrets, and more secrets. This will take you on a thrilling emotional roller coaster ride, full of surprises, twists, and love scenes that will set you on fire. I was hooked from the first chapter till the end, by this author’s stellar writing. Elsa “Ellie” Holmes is a investigative reporter with The Spall Monthly. She has returned home to Laguna Cortez a place that has been nothing but death and loss, sharp edges and pain in her life. A place she swore she would never return to. Now ten years later the ghosts of her past draws her back. Ellie is here for her job, to do a profile on the Devlin Saint Foundation one of the worlds foremost Philanthropic organizations. And to interview Devlin Saint the brilliant and generous philanthropist, who is known to be handsome, arrogant, powerful, and a loner. But Ellie is really here to find out who killed her Uncle Peter, and she wont stop till she gets all the answers she needs... even though she might not like them. Will the rush and the thrill she craves lead her to the surrender she can’t live without? Swoon! Devlin Saint is a billionaire Philanthropist, with a new identity, secrets and a buried past. He possesses a dangerous edge, filled with power and strength combined. But what happens when his past meets his present? Will Prince Charming be able to let go of his first love despite the crackling energy between them? Or will the secrets between them destroy everything they once had? Hang on to your seats because this series is just getting started! I need the next book now!!! Won this early copy through a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you!
  • Wow!!

    By KindleKat64
    The wow factor is strong in this new and intriguing series from J. Kenner that is complete with an alpha hero that may be a saint to some but a sinner for sure to others; and a heroine who can't seem to walk away from him once she meets him. As always the writing is stellar and the story drew me in and I was hooked from the beginning. Ellie goes back to her hometown to do a story on the reclusive Devlin Saint and learns he is so much more than she thought he was. There are things she learns that should definitely scare her away but that is not the case for her even though Devlin himself tries to scare her off. Their chemistry is smoldering and Ellie wants nothing more than to be with Devlin but can she convince him that it is a good idea? Or will he keep telling her to leave? Stay tuned for more. I would say this is more of a continuing story rather than calling it a cliffhanger but the story definitely does not end here and I for one cannot wait for more!!
  • 4.5 Stars!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    I'm intrigued. I have questions and I'm pretty curious where this is headed. It didn't end on a bad cliffhanger but there is more to the story. Most of this book is the mystery behind Devlin. He's a very attractive character to read as the hero. He's got the dark looks, and dangerous vibes going for him. Ellie's a tough chic. She's scared by her past and the effect her first love had on her when she was still a kid. She behaved more like the many scared men that I'm used to reading about trying to chase their ghosts away. You get a lot of relationship angst with this couple and some of it was hard for me. I really prefer the guy chase the girl, not the other way around. I struggled a bit with his constant pushing away but I also know there is a reason for it, and you can tell he wants to give in very badly. This felt like just the beginning and things look like they are really going to heat up for book 2.